Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2000 light years from earth

2015 light years from earth , there is not a piece of causality photon from Jesus nor from any more recent people , and the universe is million times larger. So , are men's god for man or for the universe ?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

openstreetmap osm roads data to html5 arrays 3D car sim

json_osm_chung is an open source realtime online converting openstreetmap servers osm roads data to html5 arrays to use with a game or in this example to draw on a graphical canvas or 3D webgl. Use the arrow keys to move or select one of the presets locations. recreate any real roads + buildings places in the world . mixed with google static maps satellite ground images , water terrain detection , srtm terrain heightmaps, trees , lamps,  and a small free 3D driving car simulation game. Can  run on a small netbook. works better with firefox .

how does it work ? In osm, you have ways and nodes. A way is a line of nodes, nodes composed by latitude and longitude . A way can discribe a road, a building contour, a forest contour, an airport ...  All this is available online in realtime via json javascript api .

=> json_osm.html     (roads)

=> jsonosmall.html    (roads+buildings)

=> json_osm_webgl.html   (roads+3D webgl)

=> json_osmall_webgl.html   (roads+buildings+3D webgl+google static maps)

=> json_osmall_webglcar.html  (idem+car)

=> json_osmall_webglcarsim.html  (idem+car simulation+trees)

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight.html   (idem+car sim+trees+terrain height+lamps+forests)

open source code =>

video =>  
(15/04/2015) sea shader added

Friday, February 20, 2015

mywebaudioplayer html5 online audio mp3 player

mywebaudioplayer is a free html5 online audio mp3 player with playlist, volume, speed control and repeat features i have written in javascript.

click here => mywebaudioplayer.html   (with my piano playlist selection)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

mywebglflight free 3D webgl / google static maps flight simulator

here you can find my open source online 3D webgl flight / car simulator with shaders (nothing to download)
arrows : turn    pageup/pagedown : motor    H : help
Comes with a small riding hack & slash fighting game forest_chung with trees, grass, rocs, monsters
You can also go to any place around the world with google static maps earth satellite images (shift+G flyto). Fly over africa with 3D moving horses, zebras, elephants, girafes, antilopes, birds. Can run on a small netbook .

works better with firefox32, also with chrome, not ie11(no webaudio),don't forget to enable javascript

=>   (with srtm data & dogfight & car)




test if you can run webgl =>
(12/10/2014) web audio api sounds instead of html5 audio
(13/10/2014) yougo, grece, hawai, japan added
(15/10/2014) skydome added
(17/10/2014) egypt, vietnam added + real weather
(20/10/2014) raindrops on cockpit added
(22/10/2014) optional game save cookie added
(23/10/2014) joystick and gamepad supported
(25/10/2014) foot mode added
(11/11/2014) forest_chung small hack&slash version added
(14/11/2014) small jscompile_chung javascript compressor / compiler added
(18/11/2014) resize window support
(17/01/2015) worldwide google static maps satellite images added
(18/01/2015) flyto geolocation added
(21/01/2015) many preset places added
(25/01/2015) draw airports added
(26/01/2015) tanks added
(28/01/2015) buildings added
(30/01/2015) cssscale added (lowerres<=>faster)
(01/02/2015) faster rotates for fps<10
(03/02/2015) alphajet added
(16/02/2015) satellite srtm elevation data added
(18/02/2015) start/stop dogfight added (shift+D)
(23/02/2015) wild horses added
(25/02/2015) minimal cockpit added
(01/03/2015) elephants, girafes, zebras, antilopes, birds added
(04/03/2015) car mode added 

video =>

        =>  (horse)

        =>   (google static maps)

source  =>

Monday, December 22, 2014

chatbot_chung free simple keywords entertainment chatbot

chatbot chung is a keywords based probabilities algorythm simple entertainment chatbot with 3D talking openGL avatars written in freebasic. Not aiml as it generates random questions/answers according to the input keywords or text but can import aiml simple question/answer or question/random/answers or single srai/star data saved from "AIML_chung" open source application . Comes with a html5 and pure javascript online version (with auto detection of 44 multilanguages support include english, autodetect, francais, german, italian, spanish, greek, russian, arabic, chinese, vietnamese ...) .

click here =>      (9 Mo include html files)

online html5 version =>  chatbot_chung.html    (nothing to download, speaks with firefox & chrome)
with lowpoly model =>  chatbot_chung2.html    
the plus : more various answers , easy to add content to the current 90000 questions/answers data

video =>
(01/01/2015) single star (aiml) import added
(01/01/2015) export data to javascript added (ctrl+J)
(02/01/2015) html : yandex multilingual auto detection translate added  (en,fr,es,de,it,...)
(12/01/2015) aiml single srai & star support added

Sunday, December 7, 2014

forest_chung free webgl 3D fps / horse riding hack & slash game

forest chung is a free html5 webgl 3D fps / horse ride hack and slash exploration / fighting game written in javascript with shaders and vaste random procedural world, trees, grass, rocs, water, monsters, woman riders you can chat with chatbot_chung multilingual when they are near .

online game (nothing to download)
(works with firefox, Chrome, not iexplorer(no webaudio), others: to try)

source code =>

test if you can run webgl =>

video => 
(12/11/2014) river added
(14/11/2014) small jscompile_chung javascript compressor / compiler added
(16/11/2014) ride horse added
(18/11/2014) resize window support
(21/11/2014) forest_chung fast rotate added for low fps
(06/12/2014) fighting 3D skeleton rider added
(09/12/2014) desert added
(12/12/2014) skeleton sprite animation from perso3D_chung added
(14/12/2014) birds added
(15/12/2014) css scalex (lowerres / faster) added
(16/12/2014) barbare woman rider added
(17/12/2014) woman jean rider added
(05/01/2015) chatbot_chung with near women riders added
(07/01/2015) auto resize screen supported

Thursday, July 31, 2014

html5 + custom streetview at Deauville

go to Deauville - Trouville - Tourgeville with this html5 + custom street view  , or go anywhere with the map !
(combo => select place /  arrows => move  / M=> map / H => help)

click here =>

download source here


Thursday, July 10, 2014

html5 + jsc3d + face3D_chung animation demo

here you can find a demo of html5 canvas + jsc3d + face3D_chung 3D obj model animated avatar from photo (free open source) + google translate TTS text to speech + eliza like chatbot (pure javascript , no WebGL required )
(TTS function: Chrome only, Firefox & ie11 : not always)

=> _face3D_chung_say_drive.html 
=> _face3D_chung_elizabot.html    (eliza based online chatbot )
=> _face3D_chung_sashabot.html  (idem with another avatar )
=>   womanjean_elizabot.html  (idem with lowpoly avatar )

 "*" => repeat last input
  ""  => autochat
(17/07/2014) now you can enter only the first letters of words
(19/07/2014) eval(...) key added from javascript eval() function , so you can insert pieces of javascript program allowing all javascript Maths String and Conditional features in key/pattern/result (see 'whats my name' / 'my name is' example in myelizadata.js)
(20/07/2014) var elizaredir added, if not empty, resubmit with input=elizaredir (20 times max) see test example

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

vk_keys for javascript

here you can find a small vk_keys keyboard charcode constants listing to embed in your javascript applications