Thursday, October 9, 2014

vk_keys for javascript

here you can find a small vk_keys keyboard charcode constants listing to embed in your javascript applications

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

mywebglflight free 3D webgl flight simulator

here you can find my open source online 3D webgl flight simulator with shaders (nothing to download)
arrows : turn    pageup/pagedown : motor    H : help



(12/10/2014) web audio api sounds instead of html5 audio
(13/10/2014) yougo, grece, hawai, japan added
(15/10/2014) skydome added
(17/10/2014) egypt, vietnam added + real weather
(20/10/2014) raindrops on cockpit added
(22/10/2014) optional game save cookie added

video =>

source  =>

Thursday, July 31, 2014

html5 + custom streetview at Deauville

go to Deauville - Trouville - Tourgeville with this html5 + custom street view  , or go anywhere with the map !
(combo => select place /  arrows => move  / M=> map / H => help)

click here =>

download source here


Thursday, July 10, 2014

html5 + jsc3d + face3D_chung animation demo

here you can find a demo of html5 canvas + jsc3d + face3D_chung 3D obj model animated avatar from photo (free open source) + google translate TTS text to speech + eliza like chatbot (pure javascript , no WebGL required )
(TTS function: Chrome only, Firefox & ie11 : not always)

=> _face3D_chung_say_drive.html 
=> _face3D_chung_elizabot.html    (eliza based online chatbot )
=> _face3D_chung_sashabot.html  (idem with another avatar )

 "*" => repeat last input
  ""  => autochat
(17/07/2014) now you can enter only the first letters of words
(19/07/2014) eval(...) key added from javascript eval() function , so you can insert pieces of javascript program allowing all javascript Maths String and Conditional features in key/pattern/result (see 'whats my name' / 'my name is' example in myelizadata.js)
(20/07/2014) var elizaredir added, if not empty, resubmit with input=elizaredir (20 times max) see test example

Monday, June 30, 2014

listtext_chung small text file browser in freebasic

listtext chung is a free small text file browser written in freebasic

you can find it there
 =>  (470ko)

Monday, June 23, 2014

autochord added to free open source midipiano_chung

(21/06/2014) autochord with  learn (chords) functions added to recorder/player
with this you can listen to a song with the chords of an other or saved/loaded data or create chord data with the automatic learn function (play to chord). works with the midi input too (ex: usb midi keyboard or external midi player like midi_chung). No musical notation knowledge required , is based on tune independent notes sequences detection and chord memory .
( auto adds chords to a monophonic melody )

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

face3D_chung free 3D obj model with texture from single face photo

face3D chung is a small mesh editor with which you can create speaking 3D obj model character avatar head objects with texture from a single photo of any man or woman for your games. Uses freebasic apps gui_chung , loadobj3ds_chung , openGL1.4 and aiml_chung_dll . Can run on a small netbook. .Is free open source.

=>  (10Mo)

(08/06/2014) speaking avatars with moving lips added
(11/06/2014) AIML dialog added

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

galaxie_chung open source galaxy numerical simulation

galaxie chung is a galaxy numerical simulation trial i have written in fast compiled freebasic for calculation and openGL for displaying.

click here =>

Friday, May 2, 2014

flightspace_chung free 3D space combat flight simulator in freebasic

flightspace chung is a free open source 3D space combat flight simulator game written in freebasic and openGL . Explore the solar system with real planets data , go to space stations , enter planets orbit with gravitation effect , fly in formation and give orders to your wingmen , or declare war to combat spaceships or attack ground targets .Can run on a small netbook .

click here =>

(05/05/2014) space/flight sim move type selection (ctrl+G) added
(06/05/2014) ground targets added
(14/05/2014) gravitation effect added
(15/05/2014) tourelle propulsion added

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

perso3D_chung free openGL easy 3D character model animation and edit software

perso3D_chung is a compact custom easy 3D model animation and editing open source freeware directly into openGL .Same animations data can be used for differents character models. Multiple animations can occur at the same time. It is written in freebasic and uses gui_chung. Lowcost,customizable and fast technique for freebasic programmers. Included  perso3D_chung_dll dll version that can be called in c++ or other languages , though i recommend you freebasic+fbEdit : it is as fast as C++ , and so much more simple .Comes with a small hack and slash game "game1" with horse riding , gold pieces , potions , chests , dungeons , monsters , and a free fps shooting kill police game.

=>   (11Mo)

(21/04/2013) edit perso / edit anim , added
(22/04/2013) skeleton, custom persos added
(23/04/2013) load perso + perso3D_chung_dll dll version added
(24/04/2013) 3rd / head view added (V)key
(26/04/2013) game1 added
(28/04/2013) orc model added
(11/05/2013) shadows added
(16/05/2013) barbare woman added
(25/05/2013) house added + enhanced shadows speed
(26/07/2013) jaw, tail1, tail2, dinosaur (tyrex) added  (switch between warrior.anim3D & monster.anim3D if _jaw.3ds file exists)
(28/07/2013) bear added
(03/08/2013) trex, tiger, lion added
(14/08/2013) man,woman added (used in circuit_chung)
(12/09/2013) horse and riding added (L key)
(14/10/2013) spider added
(15/10/2013) dooms added
(18/10/2013) dungeons added
(22/10/2013) fps shooting gun added (G key)
(23/10/2013) riding gun, keyboard.txt added
(23/10/2013) kill police added
(28/10/2013) castles ruins added
(30/10/2013) castle2, getcastleheight added
(04/04/2014) save last dungeon level added
(05/04/2014) pirate, scorpio added
(07/04/2014) coins, gold, weapon inventory and repair added
(07/04/2014) chests, heal potions added (in dungeons)
(09/04/2014) vampirebat, monsterfly.anim3d added
(13/04/2014) display map , water added
(16/04/2014) wall torches lights added
(14/06/2014) doors added
(10/10/2014) caves added